Favorites Spotlight: Karaoke

So yesterday I went out and did karaoke. As an Asian, doing karaoke is in my blood. It’s like, in order to receive your Asian Card, you need to have possessed these three items at least once in your life:

1. A back scratcher.
2. A rice cooker.
3. A karaoke machine.

It doesn’t matter if you sound bad at karaoke. Most people are too drunk to care anyway. And even if people aren’t, nobody cares.

See, I love karaoke, not just because I love silly 90’s pop songs (the BEST karaoke songs, in my opinion) but because there’s something empowering about getting up there and not caring what people think.

It’s a confidence builder.

Now, this is also coming from a girl who loves to perform, but I think those that fear karaoke the most are those that should do it.

You can start by going to a karaoke place with private rooms, and then work your way up to the main bar area. But always keep in mind when you’re on the main stage: everybody is drunk and thinks you’re amazing

I remember when I first tried it in public, amongst strangers. Even as a veteran karaoke girl, I admit I was nervous. That was, until I realized the above revelation. I looked out into the crowd and thought “Everyone is absolutely smashed.” And Lo and behold, it was as if everyone out there donned a cheerleading uniform and I was the crappy football team. It didn’t matter how I did. They would hoorah and wave their pompoms anyway.

We ALL love music. And unless you’re strictly into non-vocal music, there is a karaoke song out there for you.

So, I implore you all: go find the nearest Asian and plan a karaoke night. Feel what it’s like to have that mic in your hand, belting out one of your favorite songs. You do it in your car, what’s the big deal?

Anywho, time to watch A Little Princess …Don’t hate. (Seriously, it’s a great movie for kids and adults. Heart-warming.)


Food for thought:

What’s YOUR karaoke song go-to?

(Mine’s Baby Got Back or Bad Romance or anything by the Backstreet Boys. Yeah, I know, I’m awesome.)