Favorites Spotlight: My Gimpy Life

My Gimpy Life

On the rode to Procrastination-ville and I stumbled across this cute little web series.
I watched Teal Sherer on The Guild and The Jeff Lewis 5 minute Comedy Hour (both great shows btw)
and I had no idea she actually had a disability. 

And can I just say how gorgeous she is?  I mean, really.

There are a ton of awkward moments and jokes, but what I love is how much
I can relate to it.  I’m lucky that I can, for the most part, pass for “normal” (whatever that is)
But I can only imagine what it must be like living with a physical disability like that.

I LOVE to dance and move and if that was ever taken away . . . Shoot.

But after watching this series, at least I know everything would be just fine, if not a wee bit awkward at times.
Spice of life, eh?

You can also find this link on the sidebar:  Video Links –> My Gimpy Life