Favorites Spotlight: Karaoke

So yesterday I went out and did karaoke. As an Asian, doing karaoke is in my blood. It’s like, in order to receive your Asian Card, you need to have possessed these three items at least once in your life:

1. A back scratcher.
2. A rice cooker.
3. A karaoke machine.

It doesn’t matter if you sound bad at karaoke. Most people are too drunk to care anyway. And even if people aren’t, nobody cares.

See, I love karaoke, not just because I love silly 90’s pop songs (the BEST karaoke songs, in my opinion) but because there’s something empowering about getting up there and not caring what people think.

It’s a confidence builder.

Now, this is also coming from a girl who loves to perform, but I think those that fear karaoke the most are those that should do it.

You can start by going to a karaoke place with private rooms, and then work your way up to the main bar area. But always keep in mind when you’re on the main stage: everybody is drunk and thinks you’re amazing

I remember when I first tried it in public, amongst strangers. Even as a veteran karaoke girl, I admit I was nervous. That was, until I realized the above revelation. I looked out into the crowd and thought “Everyone is absolutely smashed.” And Lo and behold, it was as if everyone out there donned a cheerleading uniform and I was the crappy football team. It didn’t matter how I did. They would hoorah and wave their pompoms anyway.

We ALL love music. And unless you’re strictly into non-vocal music, there is a karaoke song out there for you.

So, I implore you all: go find the nearest Asian and plan a karaoke night. Feel what it’s like to have that mic in your hand, belting out one of your favorite songs. You do it in your car, what’s the big deal?

Anywho, time to watch A Little Princess …Don’t hate. (Seriously, it’s a great movie for kids and adults. Heart-warming.)


Food for thought:

What’s YOUR karaoke song go-to?

(Mine’s Baby Got Back or Bad Romance or anything by the Backstreet Boys. Yeah, I know, I’m awesome.)

My Thoughts on Weddings


P.S. Obviously, I don’t know what the word “brief” means.  Sue me.  Also, Jesus, I spelled commitment wrong.  Awful.  I’ll hang my head for now & fix it later. (ETA: Fixed!)

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Why Waiting for the Mail Will Kill Me Faster than Bad Grades


Update: It’s almost 9:30 pm and I checked again (as I’ve been checking all day, along with bugging my manager) and it says it was delivered at 11:00am. Bull…shit. Wait–Ashton Kutcher?…is that you? Because if it’s not…someone is dying tonight,

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P.P.P.S.  Here’s a link to the Caseen website, where you can check out their cases and accessories for the majority of your electronic needs.  Now, since I don’t have it yet, I can’t really comment on the quality just yet.  However, I can say that I always put in a ton of research when buying cases (as most stylish klutzes do), and the case and stylus I’m getting seemed like a no-brainer.  So, we’ll see…once I get them.  If I get them.

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Favorites Spotlight: Museums and the Terracotta Warriors

So, this past week, I got the awesome opportunity to see a Terracotta Warrior exhibit at the Asian Art Museum in SF. 

I’m not gonna lie, I wasn’t necessarily thrilled to shell out $20 to look at old stuff, but after the whole experience, it was definitely worth it.
It was fascinating.  I hadn’t even really heard about the Terracotta Warriors before, so it was really eye-opening for me.  Apparently, the First Emperor of China had a huge army made for him, consisting of soldiers and chariots and horses, to protect himself in the afterlife. 





The exhibit had a couple of the warriors that were dug up around the 1970’s, but there are thousands and thousands more soldiers that were found.  Seeing the pictures of all the warriors together was sort of like visiting the  Colosseo for the first time:  its sheer size and age makes you feel so small and humbled.  The detail of the statues, too, were exquisite.  And the rest of the exhibit was fairly neat too, with great artifacts and visuals and explanations.


(Seriously, I wanted this pendant so bad. )


(And this teapot.)

But after an awesome meal, me and the fabulous people I was with…we decided to check out some of the other exhibits, featuring other parts of Asia. 


(In another life…I was probably carried around in an elephant chariot, just like this.)


(We all chose an object that we identified with, and I chose this puppet.  Which also happened to be a stepdad.  So…I guess I was a man in another life. Cool.)

Needless to say, I had an amazing time.  But what I find most astonishing is that this museum has been in my backyard all this time and this had been my first time there.  I mean, how many other great museums and cultural wonderlands are right at my fingertips?  Then I was reminded of all the times I’ve said  Boy, I miss traveling. Woe is me.  Poor grad student.  And it dawned on me:  I can travel to ancient times and learn about other cultures right here!

I know I may be lucky, living where I am, but there are other museums out there too.  Do some digging.  You may be surprised.

So, this week, my Favorites Spotlight is on museums. 

I loved going to museums in Italy, when I went back in 2010.  That was mostly what I did there, when I wasn’t scarfing down gelato and pizza margherita or exploring or checking out the ancient sites.  Now, even though it’s been three years since then, I still talk about the experience like it was my favorite child (Shh, don’t tell my future children).  See, what I loved about my whole experience from Rome was that 1.) it was a magical experience, and 2.) I could relive the experience through my experience of telling stories.  Like a bard telling a story passed down from tradition, a traveler’s experience is not a fixed moment in time.  Which is why, despite the costs, it is always worth it.  It’s immortal, in a way.  That’s why happy, wise traveling buffs always say Don’t think about the money–just do it!

But the great thing about museums are that they’re right here.  They can take you to faraway places.  Or give you a new perspective on how you see the world.  I know a lot of people find the idea of museums boring, but give them a chance!  Like my experience in Italy, I now have new tales to tell about the Terracotta Warriors and Asian artifacts.

And I’m not even kidding.  I’ve used one joke taken from an exhibit–twice –at the residential facility where I intern…and I’ve gotten laughs both times.

See, there was this guy.  He could control the sun.  One day, he was eating at a restaurant and it was time for him to pay the bill.  The owner was like okay, seriously, pay your bill.  But y’know, he didn’t want to.  So…he moved the sun close to the restaurant–and kept it there–until eventually the owner became so hot that he said Okay, okay, I’ll pay the bill.

Yeah, I paraphrased it, but seriously, it’s funny!

Anyway, do some research and check out a local museum.  And maybe report back to me and share your experience!


P.S. Got ideas for other favorites for me to spotlight? Leave a comment or shoot me an email

Me with No Makeup and Why it’s Okay: Tips for a better self image.


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Favorites Spotlight: Five Reasons You Need to Watch Tabletop

Tabletop was one of those randomly pleasant discoveries I stumbled across.  I wasn’t even searching for anything on YouTube–it was in some sort of automated playlist, and my first thought was “Wtf did you do, YouTube??”  But after about 5 minutes into Star Fluxx and I was hooked.  And then I apologized for scolding YouTube.  Sorry, buddy.

It‘s basically a ~30 minute show where Wil Wheaton invites some guests and friends to play board games with him.  The rules are easily explained and you get to observe the fun that ensues.

Here’s Five reasons You Need to watch this wonderful show:

1.  Tabletop gaming needs to be revived
In this day and age of tech addiction, board games harken back to a time when…you know, we actually talked to people.  Face to face,  Without our cell phones or tablets in our hands. We need to encourage this kind of socializing.  We CAN have fun by emphasizing social interactions and putting less emphasis on getting wasted (not that you can’t have bourbon too).  This socializing is especially true for people with family or who interact regularly with younger people.  They can learn storytelling, problem solving, how to cooperate, how to not be a poor loser, etc.  Shoot, many adults need to learn those too.  Seriously, step away from your tech gear for a night and see what happens.

2.  Variety
I admit I was only  a very casual tabletop player–I had only played the very popular games like Monopoly, Scrabble, etc.  I mean, I loved playing them when I was a kid, and when I go visit my family we have Scramble tourneys, but I had never thought of having a regular “Family Game Night.”  What do I look like, a back to school special?  The games I used to play were small potatoes though…and Tabletop showed me how simple yet complex and challenging and fun and different tabletop gaming could be.  Seriously, this show can be really laugh out loud funny and entertaining.  And if it doesn’t make you want to go out and buy a game, you’re more tech addicted than I thought.  All the fun they’re having?  You can have it too!  Now, not every game will appeal to you, but Tabletop will eventually get you intrigued by at least ONE with all the variety it showcases.  Long games, short games, strategy, cards, creative, you name it.   I’m also still a little sheepish about RPG’s, but if anything convinced me of wanting to try it, it was this show.  It was so fun to watch.

3.  The Guests
I am not familiar with the majority of guests on this show.  But there are writers and game makers and actors and geeks and non-geeks…it’s wonderful.  When a guest intrigues me, I Wiki them, and find out what they’ve done.  More often then not, I’ve looked into their work and became an instant fan.  Hannah Hart (of My Drunk Kitchen), Sam Witwer (of Being Human), and Mike Phirman (of Hard and Phirm) are just a few of the great careers I’ve began to follow now.  And I NEVER would have discovered them without Tabletop.  It’s also fun to see guests I know–the great incestuous geek and YouTube family, what can you say.  The chemistry is real, folks.

4. Will Wheaton
I don’t know, but Will is just kind of a reason by himself. I had seen him on The Guild and other things, but I had never really seen him outside of scripted work. Granted, his introductions are scripted, but for the rest of it, you get an idea of how funny and geeky and charming he is. He seems like the kind of guy you’d want to have a beer with or something. He’s the face of the show, and he’s still one of the reasons I tune in. Plus, you know, it’s fun to see if Will will ever really win. Silly Will, the Winner’s Wall is just for kids!

5. The Gaming Community
I did not know there was such a huge gaming community out there, but I did a Google search and they exist. And they are SO nice (at least, the ones I talked to). They’re welcoming and, I think, truly invested in keeping tabletop gaming alive. They are not all hardcore RPG players, though you can find those people too. Their passion for gaming is just as contagious as Wil’s, and you can tell that this hobby is special for a lot of people. Although I have yet to splurge on all the games I want, I have definitely joined the community as an advocate.

As Wil says… Play more games!


Food for thought:
1. How does a mother, whose second language is English, manage to kick my ass, every time, at Scrabble? Seriously.
2. What’s your favorite board or card game or RPG?
3. When will they have a Dr. Hannah sequel? Pleeeease.

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